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Patient Stories

The experiences behind hope

Over the years, many of our patients have shared their stories with us at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) so that we may share them with you.


This is my way of giving back. And it's to tell myself that I can do it; that I'm healthy.

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Sunshine PeguesLung cancer patient

When I'm riding my bike, I'm thinking – I'm back.

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David DunningtonMelanoma patient

I was intimidated, but I was fighting for my life. These were the people I knew would fight with me.

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Stephanie FlorenceNon-Hodgkin lymphoma patient

The people here are special: They really take care of their patients.

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Denny PartosaBladder cancer patient

I get reinforcement from teaching on the slopes and that keeps me going here in the clinic.

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Marc MutzMetastatic kidney cancer patient