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Cellular immunotherapy

Harness the immune system’s own fighting power

What if the cells that cancer affects could be trained to fight back? This is the core of cellular immunotherapy at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). T cells — your immune system’s anti-infection troops — are taken from your body and multiplied in a lab. Sometimes they are also re-engineered to help the cells better recognize and fight cancer. The boosted cells are then returned to your body. Now that they are able to spot cancerous cells that were once hidden, these T cells have the power to attack cancer.

Cellular immunotherapy has led to impressive results for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma and many other cancers. Our patients have access to more cellular immunotherapy treatments, providing more options and better outcomes.


In my mind, these are the rock stars of immunotherapy. These were the people I knew would fight with me.

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Stephanie FlorenceNon-Hodgkin lymphoma patient

CAR T-cell therapy: The future of immunotherapy, now

CAR T-cell therapy is a game changer in the field of cellular immunotherapy. This innovative therapy engineers a patient’s own T cells to zero in on enemy cancer cells. The rebooted T cells can even help the immune system “remember” these cancer cells, which may offer long-lasting protection against cancer returning — even after the treatment is completed.


CAR T-cell therapy has been remarkably effective, even in cases where cancer has been very advanced and has failed every known therapy.

David G. Maloney, MD, PhDMedical Director, Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic

Our science offers real hope to our patients

SCCA is a global CAR T-cell therapy leader, home to groundbreaking science and advanced immunotherapy. Over 200 patients have been part of our CAR T-cell clinical trials — one of the largest groups for a single institution. Being both a research and cancer care center helps us bring our patients closer to real-time results.

SCCA is one of the first cancer centers in the nation, and the only one in the Northwest, to provide the pioneering FDA-approved CAR T-cell therapy called axicabtagene ciloleucel (axi-cel), also known by the brand name YESCARTA™. We were chosen because of our vast experience in scientific research and above-average outcomes for our patients, and because only highly experienced doctors can give CAR T-cell therapy.

This expertise is the foundation for our new Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic. It is the first of its kind: a center dedicated to cellular immunotherapy, where we can offer more clinical trials and the newest therapies. This leading-edge facility continues SCCA’s mission to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.